Test Case Web


Test Case Web is a PHP/SQL based test case management (TCM) and text execution reporting system.

Read the software About page for a longer (though slightly dated) rundown.

TCW requires either MySQL 4.1 or Postgres, though it has not been used on Postgres for some time. It is essentially a LAMP project, but has run under Cygwin and Solaris as well as on Linux.

In use

The software is currently in use at my workplace.


The current version as of 1/27/06 is v0.2.16.


See the project download section on the SourceForge File Release System.


Demonstration now working! The puzzle of PHP sessions on SF.net is solved. You can view a sandbox demonstration of the latest version of TCW here.


As of v0.2.16 the project has also released a FAQ (see Download above), which includes installation instructions. The TCW package includes some documentation which may be slightly dated, especially the developer and administration guides. Much of the design of the tool has been intended to reduce training needs.


These screenshots were taken from circa v0.2.10-14 of the project.
Project view Test case details and execution report submission Test case editing screen Manage project screen Complete test suite dump Project functional area testing tally TCW administration screen

Known issues and To-dos

(To be transferred into the tracker)
  • Purely numeric version numbers in the format X.X do not work. The code will interpret them as floating-point values and they will display incorrectly. Workarounds: Add a letter to the value (e.g. "vX.X"), or add extra minor version numbers (e.g. "X.X.X").
  • Explicit blocking displays incorrectly (it says "test case is blocked by ancestor") on the test case view screen.
  • There is no way to add multiple explicit blocks for one target case.
  • Convert all GIFs to PNG (not that it matters anymore)
  • Update About and user/admin documentation


    TCW was originally developed by Keith D. Tyler at Cyphermetrix, Inc.

    romulusnr at source forge .net